Should I get laser hair removal?

Should I get laser hair removal Lancashire

What is laser hair removal? 

Laser hair removal is the procedure of removing unwanted hair from various areas of the body using a powerful laser. The laser is used to disrupt hair growth by heating up the specified area. This means that the hair takes longer to grow back. People tend to have laser hair removal on their face, legs, underarms, arms, chest or bikini line. 

If you’re tired of regular shaving and waxing and want longer lasting results from hair removal, laser hair removal might be for you.

The Benefits

Saves money 

We’re all ears! In the long term, laser hair removal will save you money, you won’t be throwing money out on a range of hair removal products anymore. It’s much more cost effective than shaving and waxing. 

Long lasting

The results are long lasting, people tend to have the treatment once a month – compare that to how often you have to shave!


Laser hair removal targets specific areas of your body without affecting the surrounding areas, meaning that it’s unlikely that irritation will occur outside of the targeted area. 

No more ingrown hairs 

Ingrown hairs are a real pain and they are frequently caused by regular hair removal products. Due to laser hair removal destroying the follicles, ingrown hairs won’t happen – that’s a bonus! 


The process of laser hair removal is fairly quick, although areas such as the legs and back can take a bit longer – but still less than an hour! Laser hair removal can be performed on short hairs, so you don’t need to ensure that you wait for the hair to grow between treatments! 

What you need to know

Laser hair removal typically takes between 5 and 10 sessions to be fully effective. Areas of the body with finer hair such as the face tends to take longer, in comparison with under the arms which is a relatively quick treatment. 

You don’t have to have laser hair removal treatments as often as you’re shaving! Typically, people have the laser treatment once a month, as time goes on you are likely to need appointments even less frequently. 

Don’t be embarrassed to go for your laser hair removal appointments, it’s a perfectly normal treatment to receive and your practitioner is only there to do their job. 

If you want to book an appointment for laser hair removal with one of our highly trained practitioners then get in touch.