Why have Reflexology treatment at Therapy House?

Reflexology is the ideal treatment if you need help to reduce your stress, boost your circulation and energy levels, strengthen your immune system, lift your mood, or simply to unwind and relax.

This holistic treatment – which can be traced back over more than 3,000 years to Ancient Egypt – has been shown to offer relief from the symptoms of a wide range of physical and mental health conditions, such as stress, digestive problems, breathing disorders, high blood pressure, fertility issues, trauma, and hormone imbalance.

Our skilled reflexology therapists will listen carefully to any issues that you’re currently experiencing and tailor your treatment accordingly. Most people report having a fantastic night’s sleep after a relaxing and re-energising reflexology session.

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Calm your mind
  • Bring your hormones into balance
  • Kickstart your body’s self-healing
  • Detox & strengthen your body
  • Relief stress & reduce tension


Reflexology FAQ’S

What is reflexology?2017-03-04T16:05:36+00:00

Reflexology is a popular holistic treatment that works on the principle that specific areas of your feet, known as ‘reflex points’, correspond to different organs, systems and areas of your body. Pressure massage of these reflex points brings about healthy changes in these organs or systems.

What can reflexology be used to treat?2017-03-04T16:05:09+00:00

Reflexology has been shown to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve circulation
  • Encourage deep relaxation
  • Release endorphins (the body’s feel good hormones)
  • Prompt more efficient removal of toxins
  • Strengthen your immune system
What happens during a reflexology treatment?2017-03-04T16:04:40+00:00

Each reflexology session lasts for approximately an hour. We’ll start your appointment by conducting a brief health history and talking to you about any specific issues that might be concerning you at the moment. This is to check that reflexology is the best choice of therapy for you. Do feel free to ask questions at any stage.

We’ll ask you to remove your shoes and socks, then you’ll relax on a reclining chair or massage table and your bare feet will be cleansed. A variety of different reflexology techniques will be used according to your individual needs.

You’re welcome to chat during your reflexology session, but if you’d like to relax and spend some time with your own thoughts – or even sleeping – that’s completely fine; you’ll still experience the benefits of the treatment.

What will I experience during a reflexology session?2017-03-04T16:04:15+00:00

Different people experience different sensations during a reflexology session, but the majority agree that they feel an overall sense of relaxation. You may experience a feeling of lightness or tingling within your body, and some people say they feel a shift in energy within the organs or systems on which the reflexologist is focusing.

You may find that your hands or feet lightly perspire, or that they feel slightly chilled. You may also feel thirsty. Your muscles are likely to feel loose and relaxed and you may want to drift off to sleep. All of these reactions are common.

Do I need to do anything after my treatment?2017-03-04T16:03:50+00:00

To gain the maximum benefit from your reflexology treatment, try to rest afterwards as this will help your body’s natural healing process.

Are there any side effects caused by reflexology?2017-03-04T16:03:26+00:00

Again, every person’s response to a reflexology session is different. You may have normal reactions for 24 to 48 hours that, far from being side effects, show that the reflexology has had a positive effect. These responses can include:

  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Relief from pain
  • Tiredness (as the body rests and repairs)
  • More mobile joints
  • Skin rashes or spots caused by the elimination of toxins
  • Frequent bowl movements – again, due to detoxifying
  • Increased mucus
  • More mobile joints
  • Emotional release, such as crying
How many reflexology sessions will I need?2017-03-04T16:02:59+00:00

There is no hard and fast rule about the number of sessions you need. As the results are cumulative and reflexology is great for relaxation purposes, many people choose to have regular sessions every one to six weeks.

If you are seeking reflexology to help address a particular issue, we may recommend that you have more frequent sessions initially.

Is there anything else I should know about reflexology?2017-03-04T16:02:32+00:00

It’s important to be aware that your reflexologist will not give you medical advice or a medical diagnosis. If you are worried about any aspect of your health, you should seek advice from your GP.

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