What is the Dorn Method?

The Dorn method is a gentle, non-manipulative therapy used to correct misalignments in the spinal column and other joints. It is based on the concept that our muscles try to compensate for poorly positioned joints and spines, and our therapist uses motion to relax the tension in these muscles and realign the bones.

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What does treatment involve?

During a treatment, your Dorn Method practitioner will apply pressure with their thumb or hand to the area being treated, while you are asked to enact movements such as swinging your leg or arms. This creates ‘counter pressure’ which allows the misalignment to correct itself without force. Your practitioner will then teach you exercises you [...]

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How many treatments will I need?

The number of Dorm Method treatments you need will depend on your individual case; many people find that just one treatment can help but if you have a long-existing condition, you may need several months of therapy, which will include ongoing exercises that you can use at home.

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Can the Dorn Method fully correct spinal and joint problems?

Again, this will depend on your individual case. If, for example, you have an advanced case of scoliosis, the Dorn Method may not reverse any body shape distortion entirely, but it is likely to improve your symptoms, especially if you commit to carrying out the exercises we give you to use at home. The Dorn [...]

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