When you come in for an LVL Lashes treatment, we will cleanse your lashes to remove any oils. Next, we’ll apply a shield over your bottom lashes to stop any of the products from touching them and ask you to close your eyes so that we can apply a silicone shield to your upper eyelids.

There are three types of lift available: Small (the most dramatic), Medium or Large. We will comb your lashes upwards so that they stick evenly to the shield on your upper eyelid. Once in the correct place, we will carefully apply a special perming lotion to the roots of your upper lashes; this is left on for ten minutes, during which time you simply lie back and relax.

We then remove the perming gel and apply a neutraliser, which is left on for five minutes before the neutraliser is removed.

To complete the treatment, we apply an eyelash tint and leave it on for a few minutes. After removing the tint, we apply the LVL moisturising serum to gently release your lashes from the shield.

The whole treatment takes approximately 45 minutes.