No surgical procedure – no matter how minimally invasive – is without risk, but the level of risk is often down to the expertise and experience of the medical professional carrying out your procedure.

Although not as invasive as other lifting procedures, your face is likely to feel sore and look swollen and puffy for a few days, with possible bruising that will last about a week.

Side effects and risks are minimal and rare but can include:

  • An allergic reaction to the anaesthetic.
  • A risk of small collections of blood (haematomas or seromas) under the skin.
  • Mild infection at the site of the thread insertion, although every effort is taken to avoid this.
  • Scarring from the insertion of the needle is minimal but possible, particularly in patients with dark coloured skin; you should wear a high factor sun block to minimise the risks of scarring.

There have been some cases where the thread end has worked its way out of the entrance to the skin. We can remedy this by trimming the threads. In some cases, people are able to see the threads through the skin. Again, this can be remedied by removing and replacing the threads.

Because a thread lift works without removing any excess skin, you may notice some slight puckering, rippling or bunching of the skin post-treatment. We will usually try to hide this in the hairline or behind your ears where it won’t be noticed. Sometimes puckering can be resolved with a gentle massage, but you should not do this yourself – please speak to us for advice.