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Why have Guinot facials or body treatments at Therapy House?

Guinot facials and treatments are taking the beauty industry by storm because they are designed to help the skincare products penetrate your skin and work deep within the dermis for beautiful, long-lasting results.

Each Guinot facial and treatment at Therapy House begins with an in-depth consultation to find out more about your skin type and your beauty goals. Your therapist will recommend the products that they feel will be the most effective for your skin to give you a truly bespoke treatment.

  • Immediate results for brighter, smoother skin

  • A fully bespoke treatment in a medically-led clinic

  • A detailed consultation to identify the best Guinot products for your skin

  • Relax & unwind as we pamper you

  • Long-lasting radiance

Guinot Facials & Skin Care Products

Guinot Facials & Skin Care FAQ’s

What Guinot face & body treatments are available at Therapy House? 2017-05-30T19:26:10+01:00

We offer the following Guinot face & body treatments:


If your skin is looking dull and tired, and in need of some tender loving care to revitalise it, then a Beauté Neuve facial with collagen mask is ideal. This facial uses a complex of fruit acids to gently peel away the dead skin cells that may be making your skin look washed out and grey. It also incorporates vitamin C to noticeably lighten the appearance of brown spots and hyperpigmentation. The collagen mask is designed to stimulate the production of new skin cells and help your skin to look radiant and blemish-free.

A Beauté Neuve facial is clinically proven to reduce melanin in your skin by almost 30% after just four treatments.


Guinot’s Liftosome treatment is a unique facial designed to firm, lift and rejuvenate your skin. It also makes a perfect post-holiday pick-me up by combatting the ageing effects of sun damage.

The treatment combines the active ingredients of Pro Collagen and Alaria Esculenta Extract to stimulate the production and protection of elastic fibres within your skin, helping it look firmer and lifted. During this treatment, we also apply a special heat-diffusing Thermolift mask to help the active ingredients of the Pro Collagen concentrate to penetrate deeper. This prolongs the results and further defines the contours of your face.

Your skin should look younger and firmer after just one treatment. To obtain even longer lasting results, we recommend a course of three treatments, once a week for three weeks.


If you want your complexion to look more balanced and healthy, then the Guinot Hydradermie facial is in a league of its own. Guinot offers a range of products that enable us to create a bespoke facial tailored towards your individual skincare needs – we can hydrate dry skin, improve the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, and even reduce sebum production if you suffer from oily skin.

Whatever products you need, the treatment will cleanse, oxygenate and regenerate your skin. The Guinot Hydradermie facial is fantastic because it immediately improves the appearance of your skin and also offers cumulative, long-lasting results.

During your facial, we will use Guinot’s unique Hydraderm machine combined with manual massage to help the plant-based active ingredients to penetrate deep within the dermis and restore your skin’s natural beauty.


The Guinot Hydradermie Lift is a mechanical facial treatment that we can adapt to your individual skin type and needs. During the facial, we cleanse, tone and exfoliate your skin before applying a Guinot Hydradermie electrode, which transmits a mild micro-electric current over your skin. This helps your skin to breathe, improves circulation, and gives your muscles more tone to create a rejuvenating lift. The treatment is designed to help the products penetrate deep within your skin so that they keep making a difference in the days and weeks after your facial.

You should find that your skin looks and feels more toned, lifted and youthful after just one treatment. For optimum results, we recommend one treatment per week for three weeks.


Combining the benefits of the Hydradermie and the Hydradermie lift treatment. The Hydradermie super duper is the ultimate skin treatment. Your skin will feel lifted and luscious.


Do your eyes look tired or puffy? Perhaps you have dark under-eye shadows or fine lines around your eyes that are ageing your face? Guinot’s Hydradermie Anti-Ageing Eyes treatment is specially targeted to drain, decongest and smooth the delicate eye area.

During the treatment, we use a technique known as ‘galvanic double ionisation’ to help the active ingredients in the Guinot gel serum penetrate deep within the skin around your eyes. This drains areas of puffiness, improves circulation to remove the bruised appearance of dark circles, and smooths away fine lines. We also perform a relaxing massage to stimulate drainage, boost the microcirculation around your eyes, and lift and tone your skin.

By reducing puffiness, under-eye shadows and fine lines, this treatment has a wonderful rejuvenating effect.


Relax and enjoy a soothing Guinot Aromatic Facial, which combines essential oils with a relaxing massage and plant-concentrate enriched mask. This treatment is fantastic because we use a blend of essential oils that is personalised to your skin type and any specific issues you may want to address. It will leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed, radiant and healthy. This facial is ideal to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, minimise sebum production, and restore youthful radiance.


Guinot’s Hydraclean Express Facial takes just 30 minutes, making it possible to pamper your skin even when you’re short on time. The treatment combines two phases: deep cleaning enhanced by the Thermaclean heating electrode, and a relaxing facial massage.

By applying the Thermaclean heating electrode to your skin, we can stimulate sweat and sebum production to clear toxins from your cells, while helping the Guinot serum to penetrate deep within the dermis for longer-lasting results.

The massage continues the benefits of the treatment by promoting tissue drainage, boosting your circulation, and relaxing tension.

After just one treatment, your skin should look clearer and brighter, and be more receptive to subsequent skincare treatments.


Guinot’s Tres Homme skincare range for men is designed to meet the unique needs of male skin. There are products to cleanse, tone and moisturise, as well as to energise the skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenate your complexion.

We will create a bespoke facial using the Guinot products and techniques that we feel will best transform your skin.

What happens during a Guinot treatment? 2017-02-25T19:14:01+01:00

The Guinot skincare products we use and the stages of your treatment will depend on which Guinot facial you choose following your consultation, based on your beauty objectives and skin type.

Most Guinot facials begin with in-depth biological cleansing to allow your skin to breathe and to be more receptive to the products used during the treatment. Your facial may also include stages such as dynamic ionisation, during which we transmit energy to your skin cells to help them absorb the active ingredients in the facial serum, or thermal electrode, where we use thermal energy to stimulate your skin cells and boost their oxygenation.

Your Guinot facial will end with a relaxing massage to stimulate, firm and tone your skin.

Most facials take about 60 minutes, which is time for you to lay back, relax and let your cares drift away while we pamper your skin.

How soon should I see results? 2017-02-25T19:13:32+01:00

You should immediately see improvements to your skin after each facial. The results are also cumulative, so you may see the optimum benefits after a series of facial treatments.

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