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Why have Professional Brow Design at Therapy House?

Are you fed up of having to use a brow pencil every day? Do your eyebrows looked sparse and over-plucked?

Shaped, well-defined and perfectly groomed eyebrows can transform your face by opening up and accentuating the eye area but they can be a challenge to maintain.

Not anymore! Brow Design at Therapy House offers you a choice of bespoke brow treatments to help you achieve the perfect eyebrows for your face, whether you want bold, dramatic brows or a more natural look.

  • Bespoke brow treatments
  • Defined, natural-looking brows
  • Fill in sparse areas and gaps for thicker brows
  • Enhance & frame your eyes

Brow Design FAQ’S

What Brow Design treatments are available? 2018-03-08T15:04:12+00:00

We can offer a choice of three treatments that can be used separately or in combination for the ultimate eyebrow design. These three treatments are:

Just Wax – £9
Enhance your natural brows with a simple eyebrow wax to refine their shape and remove stray hairs.

Colour and Shape – £16
Add definition to your brows with a tint of colour, and then frame your eyes with a shape tailored to your features.

Precision Brows – £30
This is the ultimate treatment for your brows. With Precision Brows, we use a unique combination of tinting, waxing, threading, tweaking and final styling to give you perfectly groomed, flawless brows that will leave you feeling fabulous and confident.

How long does a Brow Design treatment take? 2018-03-08T15:05:52+00:00

You should expect your appointment to take up to 30 minutes, depending on the amount of sculpting and brow hairs you need. Simply sit back and relax, while we give you fuller and perfectly groomed brows.

How long does an Brow Design treatment last? 2018-03-08T15:10:41+00:00

To maintain your beautiful brows, we recommend a Brow Design appointment every four to six weeks.

What are the benefits of Brow Design? 2018-03-08T15:11:11+00:00

One of the greatest benefits of this treatment is that we can give you perfectly shaped and custom coloured brows that are completely water resistant and smudge proof. Whether you want a natural look or dramatic Kardashian-style brows, we can fully customise your look with Brow Design.

Want to know more about Brow Design?

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